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Telephone Consultations
with the Music Business Tutor

Set up a direct conversation with the Music Business Tutor.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the business for a while – talk to the Tutor about your music, the direction your career is taking, managing your band, and more.

$35.00 per 45 minutes
(call for special deals)

Enter your payment information and then call to set up a consultation time. (Your card will not be charged until after the consultation.)

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Professional Critique
by the Music Business Tutor

Is your material in top form?

Your music is your pride and joy but to help it be the best it can be, have it critiqued by the Music Business Tutor.

You will receive a written critique as well as a 45 minute unbiased and honest follow-up consultation.

$75.00 Package

Mail your CD to:
(include up to 4 songs)

Music Business Tutor
165 Sanford Street
Rochester, NY 14620

Document Package
*Two hour consultation included!

There is more to being a professional musician than just playing music.

This data CD contains information on booking, contracts, promoting, negotiating better paying gigs, copyright and trademark laws and so much more. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discuss this information with the Music Business Tutor in a 2 hour consultation. You will learn how to use this information to your advantage.

$125.00 Package

"Let's get started, I am a phone call away!"




Music Business Seminar

The Music Business Seminar is designed for bands, musicians, managers, booking agents and publicists.

This is a full day seminar. Topics that will be covered include: Contracts and riders, finding the right musicians, in depth booking strategies, promotional tips, taxation and being an artist, making a great demo, creating a music business office, management concepts, and more....

Bring a note book and pen and ask questions! You will get answers!!

This is a Three to Five person package deal.

$350.00 Package

Three to Five people at this great price, so don't come alone, bring a friend or two!

Ask about bringing the seminar to you!



Music Business Tutor
Boot Camp

Music Business Tutor
Boot Camp is designed for entire bands and/or solo artists.

This is a two day intensive regiment that takes your band through the emotional and intensive realities of what it means to be a performing musician in today's competitive society. You will learn about the music business hands on and in person.
Topics will include:
Booking National Tours, Road Management, Creative differences and how to handle tension, Promotional strategies, Data Base construction insights, How to use your fans to your advantage, Negotiating better gigs, Copyright and Trademarks, Profit Sharing strategies, Business types, and more...

In addition, you will be offered a professional critique of your live performance, musical arrangements, lyrics and song structure and be offered positive feedback on how to improve on what you have already created!

*Backline (drum kit, bass amp, guitar amp sound system and rehearsal space provided) and Hotel one night included!

$1250.00 Package

This is a two day intensive Boot Camp!

Understanding is different than knowing!

Ask about bringing the
Boot Camp to you!





Producer Package

Producer Package

With this package, Maury Rosenberg will be present during your pre-production offering you guidance and insight into how to get the best results out of your music, prior to entering the studio. In addition, Maury Rosenberg will join you and your group in the studio and help with the production.
After successfully recording the music, Maury will join the band during the mix down and mastering process. The benefits to having an impartial person during this time is very valuble. "It would be my pleasure to help you get the best results out of your music!"

$5,000 Package

Producing your sound to it's fullest potential!

"Don't go it alone. Let me be part of your successful team!!"

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