Music Business Tutor Mail Order Form:

Please make Checks or Money Orders payable to: MSR Managment Inc.

Please print this page, fill out the order form and mail it along with payments to:

MSR Management Inc.
165 Sanford Street
Rochester, NY 14620

Please check the appropriate item from the below list:

_______ Music Business Tutor Professional Critique $75.00

_______ Data CD with 2 Hour Phone Consultation $125.00

_______ Music Business Seminar $350.00 (includes Three to five people)

_______ Music Business Tutor 2 Day Boot Camp $1250.00

_______ Producer Package $5000.00


Please contact 585 271 4386 to confirm available dates prior to mailing this form.

Please enter the scheduled date for your phone consultation, seminar, boot camp or production with the Music Business Tutor here:________________________________________.

Thank you for your order and look forward to working with you!
Maury Rosenberg
Music Business Tutor
585 271 4386