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Registration Fee: $350 (Three to Five people)
Hours of important information
Handout materials & Data CD included with all seminars!


Please contact us directly for up to date times for seminars.



1. Introduction to music careers
2. Financial considerations
3. Trademark & Copyright – what you need to know
4. Finding a niche!
5. Musicians – what to look for
6. Recording concepts – saving time in the studio
7. Creating a demo
8. What to look for in a producer
9. Setting up a music business office
10. Monthly expenses and money saving tips
11. Establishing your business entity
12. Performance concepts
13. The power of a simple cover letter
14 . Creating a professional press kit
15 . Creating a professional press release
16 . How to sell yourself in a professional manner
17 . Database & networking
18 . Booking agents – pros & cons
19 . Managers – pros & cons
20 . Publicity – many ways to promote for free
21 . Creating a successful music business team
22 . Negotiating the most money for your act
23 . Touring overview and concepts for booking
24. Contracts – terms and concepts
25 . Q&A

Please bring a pad and pen to the seminar for notes!

Location of seminar:
MSR Management Offices
165 Sanford Street
Rochester, NY 14620
Call for directions



Please fill the below Questionnaire out and send it in with your registration form and payment.

Seminar Questionnaire

1. What aspects of the music field are you interested in?

2. Are you a performer? If so, what type of music do you perform?

3. Do you play an instrument? If so, what instrument do you play?

4. Are there any other members of your band, team or potential business partners that could benefit from learning more about the music business?

5. Do you have a demo?

6. Do you have a website? If so, what is your URL?

7. Do you have any press clippings that refer to your music or performances?

8. Has your music received airplay on AM or FM radio?

9. Are you performing locally? If so, where?

10. What would you ultimately like to gain from this seminar?

Music Business Seminar Registration
(Please print the registration and questionnaire, and mail them in with payment)

Location of seminar:
MSR Management Offices
165 Sanford Street
Rochester, NY 14620
Call for directions

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Seminar start date: _____________________

Phone: _________________________________ home/cell

Email: __________________________________

Address: ________________________________________


Please list the names of everyone in your group: (Use the back of the form if you need more room)

___________________________ ____________________________

___________________________ ____________________________

Total number attending: ________

Amount enclosed: $_________________

Please make checks payable to: MSR Management Inc.

Mail your registration form, questionnaire and check to: MSR Management Inc.
165 Sanford Street
Rochester, NY, 14620
VISA/MASTERCARD/DISCOVERCARD are accepted! Seminar payment may be placed over the phone, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm, by calling 585.271.4386. All credit card information is entered through secure internet.

Email your registration form and questionnaire to:

A receipt and confirmation will be emailed or mailed to you once your registration has been successfully processed.

Phone Consultations and Private Instruction are available.
Please call for more details.
(Ask about group rates!)

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