Hey! The other day you met someone who knew someone that worked with the same person that recorded John Doe's Green Album, which by the way went platinum. What does this mean to you?

Networking information is a great way to potentially reach the ears and minds that can make a difference in your career. Now is the perfect time to start your database. A database is a list of industry contacts that you will be working with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This is not limited just to people in the music industry. Your database should include a list of your fans and various other connections that you think will help you to create results. Contacts may include auto mechanics, barbers, fashion designers, jugglers, lighting people, sound engineers or a pretty girl or handsome guy that you think would look good on your CD cover. A database is a strong tool that will be an important resource for your entire career. Discussions on databasing can bring to light some stones that you may need to turn over sooner rather then later.
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